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About Srichand Plywood Industries

Srichand Plywood Industries is a young company, founded by an entrepreneur who has walked every lane of the market. The company has installed the best of the machinery, uses the latest technology and maintains a strict quality control on the products. The company understands the plywood market as promoters of Srichand Plywood Industries have an extensive experience in wholesale and retail of plywood. With its manufacturing plant strategically located near Ambala, Srichand Plywood Industries has a location advantage of being situated in the heart of North India. The company has an edge over competition because of its quality products and customer-centric services.

The plywood produced at Srichand Plywood Industries has already acquired a significant market share in upper north and its flagship brand “PEDRO” has been a game changer. The demand for PEDRO is a motivating reason for targeting the expansion of the production capacity to the next level by 2020.

Srichand values the role of a corporate in the society. The company is a socially responsible corporate citizen and is working towards betterment of farmer community. A majority of the raw material, Poplar and Eucalyptus, is procured from the farmers of the region and these agro-base timber is specifically grown like other agricultural products in the fields. The staff quarters and employment of women at Srichand Plywood Industries are also a part of company’s commitment towards CSR initiatives.

Our History

Srichand Plywood Industries is an idea brought to life by a well-groomed Entrepreneur Keshav Goyal. Mr. Keshav Goyal has a 20 years of Industry exposure and is inspired by his father Shri Dhaneshwar Lal Goyal, founder of one of the most respected name of the region in the Plywood Industry, Goyal Plywood Ambala. Keshav grew up in a family where plywood was a topic of discussion 24X7 and has learned a great deal about “what a customer wants and what the brands are not offering” in his young days only. So, It will not be an overstatement to say that this project is initiated with experiences gathered over 42 years. Mr. Keshav Goyal realised the potential in plywood manufacturing and initiated Srichand Plywood Industries as an entrepreneurial venture, independent of any other business.

The company is a Greenfield Project and is commissioned in last two years. Srichand Plywood Industries is a state-of-the-art producer of Plywood with a product range varying in shapes and quality. The production unit is equipped with the latest equipments, at par with the National Standards.

Our Vision

To deliver a product range that matches the exact requirement of the customers.

Our Mission

To be a leading name in the plywood manufacturing, with an innovative streak and delivering quality, both in terms of products and services.

“I come from a family that is in the business of Plywood Trading. The conversations regarding the Industry, existing leaders, product quality, and the need of the customer have been a common part of my growing up years. So, entering the family business came as a natural career choice to me. Working in the Plywood Industry helped me hone my skills and knowledge about industry parameters and standards. After being in the trading business for over 20 years, I have gained enough insight not only about the manufacturing but also about the consumer requirements.

Pedro was conceived with an aim of filling the existing gap between the manufactured products and the exact requirements of the consumer. At Pedro, we pay special attention to the quality of the product and thus use the best quality raw material and the latest technology. Moreover, to maintain the consistency in the products, we manufacture the gum and veneer, two of the important materials in the manufacturing of plywood products, inhouse.

We make sure that every product undergoes stringent checks, to maintain a standard quality, that not only meets the government standard but meet the standards of the customer. At Pedro, we manufacture products that offer our customers the best in terms of quality and services.”

Keshav Goyal(Director)

“The foundation of Pedro was laid with an objective of providing the consumers with a range of products that match their requirements, both in quality and finished look. At Pedro, we value your ambitions, dreams and the hard-work you put into fulfilling them. And this reflects into the quality of our Product Range.

An experience of almost 10 years into the Plywood Industry has helped us lay the right foundation with the ethics of quality, and commitment to serve the best. We pay utmost attention that our consumer is provided with the best, be it the quality or the services.”

Mayank Kansal(Director)